The Orchards is situated on a country hilltop overlooking Knysna and enjoys a 360-degree view of the Knysna lagoon and inland countryside.

It is accessed through a valley to the north west of the property off Welbedacht Road. The whole property is 3,2 hectares in size, with nineteen erven (seventeen of which are dedicated to the homes of The Orchards@Knysna), zoned general residential, of differing sizes and orientation with 16,000㎡ of common property. The Orchards uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a small, eco-friendly, off the power grid, exclusive development on a hilltop with understated style and quality at affordable prices and inexpensive to maintain with very few fortunate Owners, encouraging a self-sufficient country lifestyle. It has generous road verges and boundary hedges of vines, fruit or nut trees. Focused attention will be given to landscaping the road verges and common property with vineyards, fruit and nut trees, the produce of which will be shared between the Owners

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The Orchards at Knysna features

  • One-to-three-bedroom homes bought of plan

  • Maximum footprint/coverage – 200㎡ including garages

  • Free-standing fireplace placed – optional extra

  • Rainwater to be harvested in 1x 2500 litre water tanks 

  • Each unit to have its own dedicated 4.95kWp PV energy generation and 11kWh storage facility

  • 5 plate gas stoves with gas oven and instant gas water heaters

  • 1000mm 430 stainless steel braai

  • TV, lights and other general electrical equipment will be connected to the power generated by the solar panels/backup generator

  • Cooling, efficient design, ample ventilation, large overhangs and strategic positioning of shading devices

  • Homes will be built within Orchard’s to be “off the grid” and be self-sufficient when it comes to power

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*Registered with the PPRA. Click the View my profile links for more information +27 44 382 5574 TH18 Thesen Harbour Town, Long Street, Knysna, 6571, Western Cape

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