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751 m2


R105,694 (KSH808,600) per month

Fitted Commercial Space

It seems like you're looking for a commercial space in Kilimani, specifically for purposes like opening a hospital, an NGO office, or a business center. The available commercial space mentioned is divided into three block units with the following sizes: Block A - 3,675 square feet Block B - 2,440 square feet Block C - 1,971 square feet Kilimani is a popular commercial and residential area in Nairobi, known for its vibrant atmosphere and accessibility. Accessibility: Easily accessible by both public and private transportation means, which is essential for a commercial space. Utilities: Borehole water, is treated, ensuring a reliable water source. A 60KVA generator is available, which can be crucial for maintaining operations during power outages. Pricing: Price per square foot: Ksh 100 plus VAT. Service Charge: Ksh 15,000. To book a viewing or inquire further about this commercial space, interested parties should reach out to the contact provided.

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