Property details

Erf size:
50.10 ha


  • Fence boundary
  • Exterior features including braai, patio and water tanks
  • Irrigation with borehole and borehole access

Additional buildings

  • 7 x Cottage (14 Bedrooms , 13 Bathrooms)
  • 1 x Hall
  • 1 x Lapa
  • 1 x Paddocks
  • 1 x Stables
  • 1 x Staff Accommodation

Enchanting Serenity at Cpirit Country Haven: Where Stone-Clad Cottages Beckon.

Nestled within the embrace of a mountainous landscape lies Cpirit Country Haven, a place of tranquil beauty that captivates the senses. Here, amidst this idyllic setting, stand the remarkable stone-clad self-catering cottages that whisper tales of bygone eras and offer a haven of rejuvenation. Three pristine dams brim with Rainbow trout, their waters accessible within moments from the inviting abodes. And speaking of lodgings, within this picturesque landscape, the self-catering farm graciously accommodates up to 28 guests, enveloping them in seven distinct units that embody rustic luxury. A testament to time's passage, the stone-clad farmhouse, birthed in the year 1886, stands as a treasure trove of heritage. Divided into four exquisite suites, each suite beckons with the promise of solitude and indulgence. These havens, fully equipped for self-catering, cradle two souls apiece, while lavish en-suite bathrooms adorned with corner baths ensure a touch of opulence. The units' heart reveals itself in the form of a fully equipped kitchenette, a welcoming lounge and dining area, all graced by the warmth of a fireplace and the allure of a weber braai. Unveiling the Barn House's Splendor: As if conjured from dreams, the stone-clad barn house presents a tapestry of comfort for eight fortunate guests. Four spacious bedrooms, bedecked in twin beds that embrace as one, await. Among them, two bedrooms boast en-suite delights, featuring corner baths that invite relaxation. Another pair of bedrooms share a generous bathroom arrangement, complete with two toilets, a corner bath, and an open-air shower, embraced by a commodious dressing room. The living space unfolds as a realm of possibilities, where an open-plan kitchen and dining area harmonize with the allure of a living room fireplace and an inviting weber braai. Fisher's Haven: A Delight in Every Cottage: Within this enchanting surroundings, Fisher's Haven unfolds in two unique chapters. Cottage No. 1 welcomes up to six souls, cradling them within three double bedrooms adorned with en-suite luxury, including the coveted corner baths. A supplementary shower room adds another layer of convenience. The cottage itself boasts a private veranda, a weber braai, and the embrace of a fireplace, all accompanied by a fully equipped kitchenette. An intricate layout unfolds, with stairs leading to the upper realm, where two bedrooms await, ensuring both seclusion and connection. Across the threshold, Fisher's Cottage No. 7 beckons with an equally alluring narrative. Three double bedrooms share a shower and toilet, where the bonds of camaraderie find their place. Farming equipment and implements, the silent architects of abundance, are included in this sale s. As the veil of opportunity parts, remember: the selling price is a whisper, a secret shared with the future. VAT may stand aside, allowing you to grasp destiny's hand unburdened.

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