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R134,716 (KSH1,000,000) per month



1 Acre Commercial Land for Lease

Available in Upper Hill, raw commercial land for lease. The entire piece is 1 acre (approximately 43,560 square feet). Centrally located, just 5 minute walk from the mainroad, it has mature trees and no vegetation. Rectangular in shape, it has tarmacked roads on either side. Electricity, sewage, and water can be connected through the surrounding infrastructure. The land is perfect for the storage of goods, construction vehicles, and equipment. Additional uses to be considered are recreational, community, and governmental. This parcel of land can be leased in its entirety or broken down into smaller portions of square footage. Rate is dependent on the amount of square footage leased. However, one acre is available for Ksh. 1,000,000 per month negotiable. Another additional acre is available depending on the need. For further information, reach out to us on Rosetta Makali - 0724 380 432 Dennis Macharia - 0794 587 107 .

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