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Erf size:
3,402 m²
Rates and Taxes:
R2,302 per month


  • Kitchen 1 with concrete
  • Kitchen 2 with concrete
  • Kitchen 3 with concrete
  • Living room 1 with wooden floors
  • Living room 2 with wooden floors
  • Living room 3 with wooden floors
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Exceptional Income generating Investment

Discover the charm and potential of Stokkiesdraai, nestled in the esteemed Heritage area of Wellington, a town renowned for its wine industry and picturesque landscapes. Dating back to 1916, Stokkiesdraai stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, meticulously maintained and wings a total area of 3021 square meters, making it a prime location in sought-after Wellington. Step into the meticulously maintained first wing of Stokkiesdraai, where captivating architectural features seamlessly transition from the exterior to the interior. Wooden floors and lofty ceilings grace this section, which comprises 15 bedrooms ranging from 9 to 15 square meters, along with 2 full bathrooms, 3 bathrooms with showers and toilets, and 2 restrooms. The second wing offer covered patios on both sides for residents to enjoy. This section includes 3 bedrooms ranging from 20 to 27 square meters, a spacious fully equipped communal kitchen, and a full bathroom. Connected by a short, covered walkway, the third wing unfolds with 14 bedrooms ranging from 13 to 21 square meters, 1 full bathroom, 3 bathrooms with showers, and 2 toilets. Nine of these rooms open to private covered patios. Primarily designated for commercial purposes and parking, a separate title hosts three rental income-generating spaces. As well as a 180 square metre loft, converted into a studio ideal for a gallery or upmarket flat. Business zoning applicable, offering flexibility for business, licensed hotels, block of flats, residential buildings as well as places of instruction, institutional buildings, places of assembly, special recreational facilities or public garages with permission of Council . Leveraging existing zoning rights, Stokkiesdraai presents boundless potential for diverse applications. Potential for expansion, including constructing another level or developing the parking area into a 26-bed facility Wellington, situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa, is renowned for its wine industry and scenic beauty. The region offers a plethora of outdoor activities, making it a popular destination for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers offering exceptionally good cycling routes. The name "Stokkies Draai" originates from an old Afrikaans saying, reflecting the tradition of grafting grape vines in Wellington. During pruning season, families and even children assisted in wrapping the vines, leading to the term "Stokkies draai," which translates to "bunking school." Don't miss this lucrative opportunity to invest in Stokkiesdraai, a property rich in history and potential.

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