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1.21 ha

3 Acres in Krompoi Kitengela

This 3-acre land parcel is located in the Korompoi area of Kitengela, Kenya. Situated just 2 kilometers from the main road, this property boasts an excellent location for various purposes, including housing development, subdivision, or farming. Key Features: Prime Location: The land is conveniently located, with easy access to the main road, making it suitable for transportation and commuting needs. Fairly Flat Terrain: The property features a fairly flat terrain, which is advantageous for construction and agricultural activities, reducing the need for extensive leveling or grading. Versatile Usage: Its size and location make it ideal for diverse purposes, such as housing development for residential projects, land subdivision for multiple plots, or farming ventures. Well-Developed Zone: The Koromoi area of Kitengela is known for its well-established infrastructure, including access to utilities such as electricity and water, making it an attractive choice for investment. Potential for Growth: With the surrounding area already well-developed, this land holds the potential for significant appreciation in value, making it an attractive investment opportunity. Overall, this 3-acre land parcel in Koromoi, Kitengela, offers a combination of location, terrain, and versatility that makes it a promising choice for individuals or developers looking to invest in real estate or agricultural ventures in the region.

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