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279 m2


R38,533 (KSH270,000) per month

3,000 Sqft Ground Floor Space To Let

Thrilled to introduce a fantastic new development that's perfect for your business needs. Nestled off Karen Road, our three-story structure with a unique attic space is designed to make your office experience truly exceptional. The building is set apart by its commitment to sustainability. Tenants are covered with a backup generator, a bio-digester for eco-friendly waste treatment, and solar panels on the rooftop for renewable energy. The landlord made sure to bring the outdoors in, with lush vegetation and greenery throughout the building. The central courtyard and gallery design provide a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and the large windows allow plenty of natural light to flood your office, reducing your need for artificial lighting. It boasts a chic and modern architectural design that's sure to impress your clients. The building has combined aesthetics, sustainability, and a touch of greenery to create an iconic building in the heart of Karen suburbia. It's the perfect place for you and your team, where you can enjoy a comfortable, eco-conscious, and inviting workspace. Rent per sq ft - Ksh. 90 plus V.A.T Service Charge per sq ft - Ksh. 20 per sq ft Ample Parking available

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