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2 hectares land for sale along the Luangwa River

The land is situated along the Luangwa river frontage with stunning views overlooking the countryside which is spectacular in its rugged beauty, the vegetation thick with a lush riverine forest that is green all year round. Flanking the river is the South Luangwa National Park separated by the 30 km Munyamadzi corridor. The land has approximately 150 meters of Luangwa river frontage. The beautiful South Luangwa National park just opposite the Luangwa river and is home to some of the richest wildlife estate on earth. In the national park there are about 400 bird species and 60 mammal species which do cross the river. The Luangwa river is home for a population of hippo's denser than anywhere on the continent. The main entrance gate to the South Luangwa national park is 5 km away. The land is located in the Game Management Area. The land would be perfect for a private residence, lodge or campsite but other options are possible as well.

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L/MAMBW/1355001 Natizye road, South Luangwa National Park

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