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195 m2


R36,136 (KSH252,000) per month

Fitted Office Unit Available

The 2100 square foot office space on the third floor is well-designed and suitable for various professional purposes. The space offers a welcoming reception area with a waiting area, providing a positive impression to visitors. The availability of three private offices and an executive office that can be used as a boardroom ensures there is ample space for meetings and conferences. This flexibility can be advantageous for companies with different needs for meeting spaces. Moreover, having private washrooms adds to the comfort and exclusivity of the space. Overall, this office unit seems to be well-equipped and thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of a professional setting. Viewing the space in person will provide a better understanding of its layout and potential suitability for your specific business requirements. SIZE: 2100 SQFT PRICE: KSH 120 PER SQFT PLUS VAT INCLUSIVE SERVICE CHARGE KSH 252,000 PLUS VAT If you are interested in viewing this space please do reach out.

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