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181 ha



Macadamia nut farm

Location: The farm is situated approximately 12 km west of the town of Barberton and easy accessible by road. Climate: The property varies in topography from flat to slightly sloping towards the river. Summers are hot and humid with average temperatures of 10˚C minimum and 30˚C maximum. Winter temperatures vary between 8˚C minimum and 23˚C maximum. Hail and frost do occur occasionally. The average rainfall for the area is approximately 850 mm per annum. Soils: The soils are a mixture of Hutton and Sandy loam with areas of rock outcrops. Soil colours are red to yellow brown. Land use: Some areas have been planted to macadamia nuts before, but are currently fallow due to frost. The macadamia orchards cover forty-eight hectares with tree ages ranging between two and seven years old. Varieties consist of 816, A4 and Beaumont. An additional forty hectares are arable of which some have been planted to nuts previously. Eighty-five hectares are covered by natural bush. Building improvements, roads and waterways make up the balance of approximately nine hectares. Water source and allocation: A pump installation on the Queens River delivers water to the orchards which are irrigated with a drip system. The combined water allocation of the two portions are 330 000 m³ per annum. A borehole provides water for domestic use. Building improvements include: • A residence, 212 m² in extent; • Three pump houses, one with an office attached; • Three green-houses each 10 080 m² in extent, each with an ablution and change rooms; • A generator room; and • Two reservoirs with a combined capacity of 784 m³. Electricity supply: There is a 200 Kva Eskom supply point on the property. No movable equipment is included in the sale and the selling entity is not registered for VAT.

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