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Erf size:
1,504.79 ha
Energy Supplies:
Solar Power,


cattle / water / electricity

Picturesque Getaway Farm

A secluded getaway working farm in the Karoo, nestled within the Bankberg Mountain range, just 50km from Cradock and very close to the National Mountain Zebra Park. This farm offers surreal mountain views with an abundance of water due to many naturally occurring springs. It has a very good income earning potential from livestock, game and irrigation. The topography is made up of mountains and fertile river valleys with an added 20 ha section of arable land under irrigation. The run-off from these mountains fills the 5 earth dams and one beautiful large dam near the old farm dwelling. These streams are the tributaries of the Great Fish River and flow for approximately 2 km through the farm. The vegetation on the northern warmer slopes includes grasses like Themeda triandra, Eragrostis species and Aristida species. This grassland is interspersed with shrubs such as Pentzia incana and Eriocephalus ericoides amongst others. The colder southern slopes tend to have more sour veld and are interspersed with Elionurus muticus and some shrubs like Elytropappus rhinocerotis and Searsia erosa. Searsia lancea karee as well as Acacia and poplars are found in the valleys and water courses. Natural occurring game include kudu, ribbok, steenbok and a variety of bird life as well as game birds. The twelve camps are fenced with good stock proof fences. The livestock water supply is from springs and streams. There are at least two points in each camp. Livestock handling facilities are at strategic points in the veld and one at the old farmhouse dwelling. The irrigation system is powered by an 11kw submersible solar pump and gravity so there are no Eskom costs. The irrigable land is under Permaset sprinklers, dragline and flood irrigation out of the large dam. The farm buildings are made up of a very old 3 bedroomed farm house, a shearing shed and a barn used for lambing pens. The high rainfall of 450mm plus 20ha of irrigation enables the farm to carry 150 Large Stock Units. A tranquil self-sustaining Karoo getaway.

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