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Commercial Property in Lusaka Central Business District

This commercial property is a versatile and well-equipped space designed to meet various business needs. It boasts two floors, providing ample space for your operations. The property is conveniently situated on Great North Road, just a short 5-minute drive from the bustling Kabwe Roundabout. This central location makes it easily accessible to both clients and employees. The building consists of two floors, effectively doubling the available space for your business activities. The property includes dedicated office spaces where you and your team can work comfortably. These offices are designed for productivity and professionalism. You'll find spacious warehouse areas on both floors. These are perfect for storing inventory, equipment, or any materials your business requires. They are secure and accessible, ensuring efficient logistics. In addition to the warehouses, there are store rooms available. These are ideal for keeping smaller items organized and easily accessible. The property provides ample parking space for your employees and customers. A well-organized car park ensures convenience and safety. In summary, this commercial property offers a prime location, two floors of space, offices for administrative work, warehouses and store rooms for storage, and a convenient car park. It's a versatile and accessible space, ideal for a range of businesses looking to operate in Lusaka. Contact us to schedule a viewing appointment.....

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5302 Great North Rd, Lusaka

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