Gerda Christoph

Gerda Christoph

“Live a life that you are proud of.”

I am Gerda Christoph from Swakopmund. I am a proud member of the management team of Pam Golding Properties Namibia. My love for properties started in 2006 already, when I first did it part-time for a year or two and then full time. I joined Pam Golding Properties Namibia in the beginning of 2017 and truly have a passion for properties. I have a desire to be held fully accountable for success or failure of actions and projects. I have an intense dislike for unfinished work and an absolute need to “make it right” if a commitment was not met. I thrive on responsibility and deal with it very effectively. I work best when given the freedom to follow through on my convictions. I can be trusted to get things done.

I have an exceptional desire to leave a legacy of value and worth which allow me to talk to the hearts of people. My powerful emotional appeal gives people a motivating sense of contribution. Therefore, I am here to assist you and walk with you, finding you your dream home or property. We, at Pam Golding Properties, understand the value and emotion involved when acquiring such a valuable investment.

Live Remarkable.

Let what you love be what you do