Diane Potgieter

I am Diane Potgieter

I am Umhlanga
I am the endless horizon driving down Umhlanga Rocks Drive.
I am the rhythmic footsteps along the promenade at sunrise.
I am the condensation trickling down an evening cocktail glass.
I am a village strolling shopper on a Sunday afternoon.
I am the royal wave tuk tuk passenger on a trip back from the shops.

I am Umhlanga Agent, Diane Potgeiter

As a professional property consultant, I am extremely client focussed. I will make sure you end up with the right home and neighbourhood that is perfect for you and your family. With my professional background my integrity is unquestionable, and my communicative skills are commendable. Irrespective of my clients standing and diverse backgrounds, I provide loyalty and honesty which my clients can rely on. With my great communication and negotiating skills I try to make the sales/buying process as seamless and transparent as possible.

As my client you will always be my top priority. My passion and dedication allows me to strive ahead in my field and assist you as best I can.