Yvonne Brogan

Yvonne Brogan

I am Yvonne, your Pam Golding Properties – Western Seaboard rental property specialist. 


Pursuing a career as a real estate agent allows me to stay on top of the market. Learning is a passion of mine, and I take all opportunities to grow my knowledge. Sharing my interest with my clients by showing them homes that could potentially be their next sanctuary makes every day exciting. 


I enjoy hiking, horse riding and yoga, I have completed my yoga teacher training and teach yoga in my spare time as well as practice. I also enjoy refurbishing old furniture and giving it a new lease on life.


I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. I enjoy being busy and I like working under pressure,  I feel I work better under pressure. Pam Golding Properties offers an environment of teamwork and innovation, which is precisely where I want to be. 

Live Remarkable.