Louise Christie

Louise Christie

Hi, my name is Louise Christie and I have been with Pam Golding since 2013. I specialise in sales in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein. I hold a NQF4 FETC in real estate and I trained for three years under a fantastic mentor who has 22 years’ experience and my principle who has been in the industry for 28 years. So whether you are thinking of buying or looking to buy now, if you would like to experience what the Stilbaai lifestyle has to offer come and spend some time with me.

I was raised in Durban. Growing up as child I spent many hours on the beach with my father who angles competitively. It was him who instilled a love of the sea, nature and conservation in me. I finished my matric in the then Transvaal and I started my working career in the fire industry as an admin and moved from there to the more challenging world of sales. Challenging in a then predominantly male environment.

I have spent the greater part of my adult life in the Western Cape, I became involved in the hospitality industry where I was exposed to colleagues and people from all walks of life. This has given me a greater understanding of people and their needs. On moving to Stilbaai I continued to work in the hospitality sector but found it to be too seasonal so I joined Pam Golding in May 2013 and started off doing admin.

This allowed me to learn the real estate industry from another perspective. Coming from the hospitality industry I missed helping people and made the decision to become an agent. I am involved in the Stilbaai community and I am well known as an animal lover which means I am often the 911 for animals needing temporary or permanent housing. The village knows that I am somebody who can be called on to volunteer for different projects.

What I am most proud of was organising the successful launch of our new offices and a successful water drive reflecting the ethos of Pam Golding Joy of giving policy which saw 10 000 litres of water donated by the Stilbaai community and delivered to the Free State. I have also achieved an Exclusive Sole Mandate with the listing and selling of a Stilbaai residential property within record price.

I live on a small holding with my fiancé and animals. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and depending on the weather I like to go snorkelling. I make my own soaps, lotions and potion as I am interested in the healing properties of plants. I am also on the management committee of the business chamber. This allows me to give my clients accurate advice as to what the heartbeat of the village is all about. I am passionate about Stilbaai, its flora and fauna and the preservation of all the lifestyle embodies.

Live Remarkable.