Kyle De Villiers

Kyle De Villiers

My name is Kyle de Villiers and I am an intern estate agent for Pam Golding Properties in St Francis Bay.

I believe that the whole of St Francis Bay has a lot of potential yet to be discovered, and I believe that joining Pam Golding Properties was a great way to develop this potential.

I am an engineering student, currently studying online at Arizona State University, while at the same time operating as an agent.

In addition, I have a business, specializing in media and marketing, for example taking property photos and videos for my colleagues.

I have lived in St Francis Bay for seven years, after living in Jeffrey’s Bay for most of my life. This town is a stunning place, especially for the younger generation who love socializing, watersports such as surfing, and those who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle.


I specialize in Santareme & Port St Francis along with my colleague, Johan Viljoen. We have disrupted the market in Santareme and have increased sales by PGP in the area drastically when compared to previous years. We have also been working toward repositioning the area in the property market, as it does not receive the recognition it deserves. Santareme has several beautiful homes and many prime plots still available – we believe that consistent growth over the next few years will result in more of the value being revealed and that it will become a more popular area.

I also enjoy being in the water. I was a varsity swimmer for a university in the United States, and I still commit to swimming in the mornings at our local pool, Liquid Lines. I enjoy fishing, surfing and love all the activities associated with the ocean, and that is a passion I will hold on to for a long time. This area gives me the ability to live my passion on a daily basis, making it an ideal place for me.

Live Remarkable.