Johan Viljoen
GoldClub Agent
Gold Club
GoldClub status and induction into the ‘Hall of Remarkable’ is awarded to an Agent who has achieved exceptional sales targets and delivered service excellence in line with the Pam Golding Properties brand promise.


  • 2023 Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route GoldClub Agent
  • 2022 Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Garden Route GoldClub Agent

Johan Viljoen

“Life is good!”

My name is Johan Viljoen, and I feel privileged to be around real people that are not only interested in property but driven to make a difference in our community. My colleagues are known to enjoy the lifestyle that St Francis Bay offers.

To give some background, in 1983 I married Jolande, a keen sportswoman and the engine room of our family, and we have been blessed with two sons (a mining engineer and a wind turbine technician), and a daughter, studying at Stellenbosch.

I studied at various universities and institutions and understand something about the dynamics of property. Since joining Pam Golding and selling property, I can say without any doubt that I found more intellectual stimulation than ever before.  It is market penetration and understanding, deal-making and the never-ending search for yield when property is compared with other asset classes.

I also realized that I underestimated the amount of work to be successful. Workdays of 10 to 12 hours are normal if you are still learning the property industry. Both buyers and sellers treat me well in Santareme where people stay who appreciate the humble and simple things in life.

Relocating five years ago to St Francis Bay was an exciting and eye-opening experience for my family. We purchased our home at the far end of Santareme, adjacent to the conservation area, with picturesque ocean views that never cease to take your breath away. As a close-knit and active family, the area offers a variety of options for cycling, running, paddling or simply long walks on the pristine beaches – we use them all! Santareme is also loved by my children and grandchildren where each day offers action packaged differently.

Life in Santareme is good and a privilege. In my opinion, the property values in the Santareme area are still undervalued: there are excellent north-facing homes with sea views. Sadly for new clients, most of the cheap houses and stands have been sold as the market is slowly re-evaluating the value the area offers.

With its own private harbour, Port St Francis offers excitement and action and provides much-needed job opportunities in the chokka and fishing industry. The harbour is slowly reaching better prices while we sell more units. Two new exciting planned developments will also reignite the interest there. I bought my first unit there to understand the value, cost of living and energy while staying there. We will be spending some time there and already made friends and experience an informal and permanent holiday feeling there. The security is good and the lifestyle relaxed. The proximity of the beach and harbour amenities is also pleasant. I enjoy the constant moving of boats through the area and found them interesting and fascinating. People are always laughing and greeting while they pass.

My wife and I are closely involved in many aspects of the St Francis Bay community.

We have always invested in the real estate market, both industrial and residential, and firmly believe in a spread of assets in every person’s portfolio.

I appreciate the values and work ethic associated with Pam Golding Properties and feel that I have aligned with those.

I give my best to sellers and buyers, in the hope that they will become my friends and clients going forward.

While I was younger I had a dream – impossible I thought, I wanted to be close to the sea, seeing the ocean and staying next to fynbos. While I am writing this profile, I overlook the Shark Point carpark and ‘my’ mountain towards Cape St Francis and I just realized that I am exactly where I need and want to be – a fulfilled dream in Santareme - St Francis Bay.

Live Remarkable.