Kelly Carter

Kelly Carter

Hi, I am Kelly Carter.  I joined Pam Golding Properties as I strongly believe that successful brands are largely defined by their customer service brilliance.

In my 7 years in the property industry, I’ve developed a deep passion for my clients needs by offering world class customer engagement experiences and engaging my clients in a timeous manner. My role is to work deftly and dexterously with clients, to assist them to find a gem. I value the importance of communication.  I divide my time across many responsibilities, balanced expertise and finalising transactions with humour and professionalism. 

I value and respect my clients needs and therefore I am flexible, reliable and possess excellent time keeping skills. I believe in transparency and my clients are always 100% informed during a transaction. You have my assurance that I will under promise and over deliver because that’s how I role.

In my spare time I bask in the beauty of Cape Town’s oceans and fine dining restaurants. I enjoy exploring our city and un-planned spontaneous road trips. Reading feeds my soul and being a Mom fulfils me on every level. 

I am excited to help you find your new beginnings. 

Live Remarkable.