Nicolette Ferreira

Nicolette Ferreira

I am Nicolette, your Royal Ascot and Milnerton Ridge candidate property professional. 

Before joining the real estate industry, I worked as a Communications Manager onboard a cruise ship that sailed around the world, visiting exotic places like the Caribbean and Iceland. Working at sea awarded me the opportunity to travel the world. This not only broadened my horizons, filled me with a richness and an understanding that can never be taken away. 

I crave human connection and real estate is a pretty decent platform to satiate this. Selling a home is often one of the biggest decisions a person can make, and guiding someone in this journey is an unequable way to achieve this.

I am enjoying finding my land legs again. I am a mountain biker, but also enjoy a leisurely cycle on Beach Boulevard. I am learning to surf – one way I’m ensuring that I still get my daily dose of vitamin sea.

Live Remarkable.