Kobie Meyer

Kobie Meyer

After 23 years in Aviation as a Professional Airline Pilot and Instructor Mentor, living my passion daily, my successful Aviation career came to an end due to the covid 19 pandemic.

I learnt a lot from International Travel and living abroad with numerous people, cultures and believes across the continent. I was fortunate enough to make lifelong friendships and my life was enriched in unspeakable ways. 

One thing stood out above all. No matter where I found myself in life. We all strive to the same goals and dreams as human beings. As the saying goes Home is where the Heart is, and a house is more than just a house it is a Home.  

I find myself in a very privileged situation to assist Pam Golding clients in finding that perfect Home or to hand over your most precious procession to one of our prime selected buyers. 

I am a very professional individual who strive to always give my best and eager to learn.

I have always reached the top in my area of expertise and will strive daily, to give each of my customers my undivided attention. My integrity reflects my character and work ethic in my daily life.

Live Remarkable.