Francois Compion

I am Francois Compion

My areas Moreleta Park, Elarduspark and Wingate are well-known and are the most popular suburbs in Pretoria. I believe I fit perfectly in with my area since nature and wild life is so much part of my personality.  The kind of residents in my area is mostly young (Security Complexes) to middle aged (Full title homes). These areas are well established with a lot of upgraded- and renovated homes into more modern homes and I can say I have the best of both worlds.

I am a serious golfer and have been playing for more than 30 years.  My favourite TV entertainment is watching the big worldwide golf tournaments, programs on cars and educational inserts.

It relaxes me when I fiddle and work around the house, gardening, travelling and painting.  I love art and have been painting for many years.  I have a special connection with Italy, speak Italian and lived in Rome during my past career at the Embassy of SA. I always love to go back and travel Italy in combination with other European countries.  When I travel in SA, I favour going to the coast for holidays.  My easel and paint always go with me to capture special moments while staring out on sea and what it has to offer. 

I am a family man and love spending my time at home with my family and precious dog, Cesco our Border Collie.  He gives me great pleasure and entertainment.

The following words describe my character, personality and outlook on life perfectly.  (On a social level as well as on business level).

My personality is shortly described as The Navigator and methodical organizer. I have a plan and always have things in order.

I draw my strength from tradition and familiarity. I am down to earth and prefer clear, straightforward direction to abstract or theoretical thinking. I think my actions before acting on an impulse.

Helpful, self-disciplined, self-controlled, reserved, perfectionist and focus on even the smallest details and want everything to be just right.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated