Elzette van Wyk

Elzette van Wyk

Hello, I am Elzette and I have been a Property Consultant for Pam Golding Properties since 2015. 

My career in Real Estate began with a well-known letting agency in the United Kingdom. After returning home to South Africa I joined the family business of Property Development. After which I loyally worked for an attorney’s firm for 6 years where I assisted with marketing and accounting. During this time I learnt valuable skills, but it was as if I was being kept back.

After becoming a mother I decided to join Pam Golding Properties and has never looked back. In recent years I have learned that life is full of unexpected turns and it is family that pulls you through. In many ways Pam Golding has become my family. When uncertain times happen, you need an agent that will not only understand what you are going through but also guide you in making the right decisions with regards to your property which in most cases are also your biggest asset. 
I bring with me many years of experience in property development and investments. My clients receive my undivided attention, I listen to their needs and building a customised service package to fulfil those needs.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your property requirements.

Live Remarkable.

“Yes, thank you so much Elzette you gave me your full support I will forever appreciate you in my life my dear. I am so happy ”


“Thank you so much! Last year this time we were moving into our new home and I must thank you again as we are still loving it!”

John Yannoulatos

“I just had a feeling that Elzette was the right agent the day she approached me about a Sole Mandate, she sold my house in less than a month”


“I was glad that it was Elzette who finally sold my house, as I could see that she was putting the work and effort into it.”


“Elzette assisted me through the whole process of buying my new home, being available and explaining the process in details giving me peace of mind”


For the first time in my life I feel driven to succeed, and am learning to fly!