Cathy Compion
Emerald Circle
Emerald Circle Agent

Emerald Circle status is the ultimate accolade awarded each year in recognition of an exclusive group of elite, top performing Pam Golding Properties Agents for their unprecedented sales record

I am Cathy Compion

You might have noticed a Border Collie taking his owner for a walk, literally. That’s me, Cathy.  Strolling along and chatting to all his regulars while I get busy with my own thoughts as I tag along.

Pondering on what to cook for supper, we ran into a friendly resident to whom I sold his dream home a few years back?  Soon our conversation drew to what a great golf game he played the day before at the Waterkloof Golf Club.  What a small world it is when we realized that my other half was his game-partner!

Moving on slowly, I once again admire the mesmerizing gardens and chirping birds building their nests in the high old trees of the flourishing park in my neighbourhood.  My eye catches a couple admiring a property across the street and I agree.  We’ve made arrangements for a viewing the next day.

My walking partner has an argument through a gate and I must intervene.  I’m compiling a shopping list for my visit to the mall tomorrow.  Good to have that so close to us as well and then it dawns on me that I need some of it now.  Fortunately, I can get it on my way back from the friendly grocer in the smaller centre down the road.

As we pass the immaculately groomed sporting grounds of the International private school down the hill, my mind takes me back to my younger days as a scholar.  Our tennis courts and rugby fields most definitely did not look like these, but we enjoyed the battles that took place on them.  At Technicon, I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 year studies in Commerce and let us not forget all the student fun we had.  My greatest enjoyments were those “sokkie”-dances until I had no breath left!

A few blocks down, our walk takes us past the modern office park.  Sure brings back memories of my first years as an employee with an Agricultural Engineering firm and my first salary.  Later I joined a Quantity Surveying firm which then took me to George. Soon I realized all the carefree years are gone.  George brought back lovely memories of my childhood in Limpopo. The countryside still resonates in me and I will never forget the days when we took the gravel road on our bicycles and head for the river to enjoy nature and have fun.

Now the hamstrings are working as we go back up to cross over to the other side and I notice that my companion is not all that vocal anymore.  Klapperkop Nature Reserve is visible and I remind myself to take the time to enjoy one of its vantage points again.  The lovely 360° pictorial views of Pretoria takes my breath away.  One of my favourite streets is coming up and I make sure my sold boards are tidy.

The church building serves as a reminder that I am on duty during the upcoming bazaar. Very late in life, I found out that it comes from the Pahlavi-word, baha-char (بهاچار), meaning “the place of prices”.  Well in that place, I’ll be behind the pancake table.

Close to my home, an elderly lady experienced some car trouble and I offered a helping hand, realizing that my purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark but to be a light to others, so that they may find God’s way through me and you.  The Collie trots ahead faster as we near my home.  By God’s grace, hard work and dedication,  I’ve been blessed with a successful career in real estate over the past 20 years.  I am very appreciative of the numerous accolades awarded to me by Pam Golding Properties and happy to say that I am a qualified real estate practitioner.  So, let’s chat about your property needs.

“Ons is *verskriklik* opgewonde! Kan regtig nou nie meer wag nie!! So baie dankie vir alles wat jy vir ons gedoen het. Jy het dit werklik vir ons 'n aangename ondervinding gemaak om ons eerste huis te koop. ”

Hivan en Elmarie

“As usual, you always go above and beyond, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Kind Regards”

Rani Seegar

“It is with great pleasure that I wish to congratulate you on your colleague and who has become my friend namely, Cathy Compion. I have experienced only dedication and the utmost professionalism from her. I have had dealings with many agents in the past, Cathy stands way above the rest!”

Santie Boonzaier

“Dear Cathy Thank you so much for accommodating my changes on the contracts. It was a great pleasure meeting and working with you. Much appreciated. Keep well.”


“I am very happy with the way you were able to remember that my daughter was interested in buying a flat at Labella Costa in Nov 2014. One year later and followed up on her request as a flat had come available. We took her to look at 102 flats over a 9 month period. We could still be looking had you not made that call to my daughter on this flat MUCH APPRECIATION”

Glenn jardine

“Words cannot convey one's sincere gratitude when you want to thank someone. What a wonderful surprise meeting you. Always cheerful and ready for any eventuality, you put everything into this undertaking, sometimes taking on tasks which are not included in an estate agent's job description. I would highly recommend your services. ”

Leonie Schütte

Be open, honest and transparent so that people trust- and respect you. If people trust you, you have no reason for fear or suspicion.