Octavia Boshoff

I am Octavia Boshoff

Good day, I’m Octavia and I have been working with Pam Golding since May 2014. I specialise in Sectional Title Unit sales in the Humewood area. I have obtained a B.A. Social Science Degree in Anthropology and Development Studies. I was born in Pretoria and went to school at Helpmekaar Meisies, graduated from RAU and have lived in Cape Town for 20 years before moving to Port Elizabeth in 2014. In my life, I have sold baked beans, people, hearts and houses, but I don’t think I will ever sell second hand cars!

The baked beans are a collective name for being the groceries floor manager at the Hyperama when I just left school and university. The wine department was part of the portfolio. In a short six months my team reduced shrinkage from 27% to only 6%. We relocated to Cape Town with a tiny one-year old toddler on the hip. That’s when I started selling people, legally as Personnel recruiting! There are so many jobs out there! Selling hearts is not far-fetched, I was the national marketing manager for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, marketing the Healthy Food Heart Mark.

I travelled nationally, learning about food production, industrial technology and green living. Then, I counted pennies. Damelin offered a short bookkeeping course, doing books to trial balance. For a few years I enjoyed the regularity of finding the one cent to balance the books. I worked at a property company owned by an engineer. Three engineering firms shared the premises, loan accounts and partners. It was a diverse portfolio as PA to the owner, property maintenance manager, landlord and bookkeeper.

When the industrial property and engineering firms were sold off, I joined a small security firm in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. They specialised in three adjoining neighbourhoods. More than four hundred cameras were erected and monitored around the clock. There was an armed patrol vehicle in each area that arrived at the scene within three minutes. Crimes in our speciality area dropped to zero. My better half was offered a promotion and relocation to Port Elizabeth, so we moved to South Africa’s best kept secret.

All my previous work experience culminates into this, the most rewarding profession of all, being an estate agent. I love getting to know my clients, taking the time to learn more about their families, their joys and hardships. What I love most is seeing the relief on a seller’s face when the transaction is concluded successfully and the sheer joy lighting up the buyers when their offer is accepted. I started with a green company, and I am going to retire with the best green company. Most notable recent sales were selling three consecutive sales at full asking price. Get in touch and let’s discuss your property requirements.