Sally Bernhard

Sally Bernhard

Good day, my name is Sally Bernhard and I have been working with Pam Golding Properties for over 10 years. I specialise in sales in Pennington and surrounds. I truly love my work and thoroughly enjoy meeting people as well as viewing homes and trying to match a buyer with the perfect property. I got involved in the Real Estate industry by chance. We had moved to Pennington on the KZN South Coast and I thought that at last I could retire and relax, however some months later it dawned on me that I needed something else to keep me busy.

I was very weary at first as all my life I had been a legal secretary liaising with my computer all day and suddenly I had to deal with people. To my surprise, I discovered that I loved hearing about other people’s lives and about their likes and dislikes. As we are a small community being a village, one gets to know many folks so it is a wonderful environment in which to be, as one is always greeting or chatting to someone one knows normally through work and many of these people would ultimately be sellers so this has a double benefit.

It is very interesting viewing homes and I love the fact that I deal with both properties and people. Since working with Pam Golding I have received numerous achievements such as Gold Club awards during the years 2004 to 2015. I’ve accomplished a Gold Club award for 1st runner up, obtained Corfield certificates, completed the Board Examination qualification and covered the syllabus for the EAAB examination in 2006. I received a certificate of membership for IEASA, an award for Highest Number of Units Sold mid-year in 2007 and Gold Club Agent 2nd place in KZN for 2008.

I also obtained a certificate of Professional Recognition in 2010, the Pam Golding Pennington award of Excellence, High Sales Achievement in 2010 and a KZN award for Highest Average Commission in 2012 and 2016. In 2013 I achieved a Gold Club award for 1st runner up, 2nd place in 2014 for Excellent Sales in KZN as well as the Pam Golding award for 10 Consecutive Years and a OOBA runner up to Top Supporting Agent. When I am not viewing homes or assisting clients I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.

Live Remarkable.