Elmare Botha

Elmare Botha

I have built my real estate reputation by focusing on attention to detail and on the delivery of three objectives for my clients: a top market result, a sale or purchase in a reasonable period of time and finally, an exceptional and rewarding real estate experience.

I feel a great sense of pride in offering my service to YOU, and believe that my previous training and experience in supply chain and logistics management, will help make me a valuable asset on your real estate journey.

When a seller or buyer selects an agent to act on their behalf, they hand over enormous responsibility – responsibility which I take very seriously. I live and breathe accountability for achieving their goals every day – exactly what I’d expect from an agent dealing with my own property.

What sets me apart from other agents?                                                                        

- Passionate discussion around property investment opportunities

- A love for brainstorming around your current situation versus achieving future goals

- A wealth of knowledge around property related costs and processes, and willingness to share learnings from personal experience

My keen sense of adventure and passion for life, drives me to live each day to the fullest, and I strongly believe that anything is possible with hard work and a glass-half-full attitude.

Allow me to be of assistance to YOU on your exciting real estate journey. Please accept this invitation to experience the Elmaré difference.


Live Remarkable.