Sonja Booysen

Sonja Booysen

Hello, I’m Sonja and I’ve been working with Pam Golding Properties since January 2018. I specialise in property sales in Onrus. When I’m not doing that I enjoy travelling and making memories with my family. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements. 

I’ve been involved in international vacation rentals and sales for 9 years and can comfortably say that few things beat the excitement to find the perfect match between person and property. In order to spend more time with my family, I wanted to travel less and that is when Pam Golding crossed my path. I was attracted by their passion, level of excellence and integrity in day to day operations.

My qualification is in Communication Sciences, which have taken me across interesting and creative paths through the years - from production management and marketing of big theatre productions through to fun years in the design and advertising industry – until I ended up in this exciting industry.

I’m easy going although pretty pedantic about order, professionalism and excellent customer service. I take pleasure in the details and easily put myself in someone else’s shoes. Clear and thorough communications and follow-through are very important to me and I thrive where ethics and transparency is king.

When not working, my great passion is travelling; new experiences around food, music, architecture and languages in different countries enriches my life and have played a great roll in forming my world view.

Live Remarkable.