Ayanda Popose

Ayanda Popose

I am Newcastle Agent, Ayanda Popose.

I am a sales agent with a growing number of successful sales to my name. I specialize in selling residential property in Newcastle. Pam Golding Properties is a brand that speaks of greatness, which is what first attracted me to the company. I have been with Pam Golding for more than 3 years. I bring respect, integrity, love, happiness and honesty into my interactions with clients, colleagues and the greater community.

Pam Golding has elevated my property knowledge to a higher level and this knowledge continues to grow as a result of the exceptional training offered to the company’s agents.

I have 8 years of engineering experience which I gained when I was a project coordinator. I made my mark as a woman in this very male-dominated career which I attribute to being raised with two brothers. My bothers taught me to have a “thick skin” and to laugh at myself. This has often helped me in the property industry, particularly when dealing with clients who have different personality types. I never let a NO discourage me, but instead, it motivates me. I am very sociable and have served on countless committees, whether in the work space, school space or church. I really enjoy working with people and helping them in any way possible.

In the two years I worked at Pam Golding Properties Port Elizabeth as an intern, under the excellent guidance and management of my franchisees; Ian Olivier and Justin Kreusch, I was able to complete my NQF4 Qualification, a great achievement for me. I gained a great deal of knowledge here and developed many skills I still use to this day.

I have relocated to the beautiful city of Newcastle that promises growth and a wealth of knowledge. My relocation came after my husband was appointed for a new post in the city of Newcastle, and, as a good wife, I followed. My hard work has been an asset to the company in many ways. I was blessed with a great mentor, Samantha Wade, who held my hand while I completed my Logbook. I have secured a number of sales while working here. It gives me great joy to assist families in finding them a place they can call home, whether they are downscaling or upgrading, immigrating or emigrating. I love the property industry. It shows our uniqueness and different tastes and styles as people. I regard real estate as a great investment, a wealth creator, something all of us should be a part of and therefore vital to the growth of the country’s economy.

Born and bred in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, it is exciting to be back in this province after 14 years.  I married my soul mate in 2005 and I am a proud wife and mother to 3 beautiful girls. One of my goals is to qualify as a Pam Golding Emerald Circle agent and in future own and manage my own Readers Restaurant.  My leisure time is spent with family, reading, organizing events at church, with family or friends. I enjoy dining with close friends. As a former model, I love fashion and believe first impressions are lasting impressions hence I gained the name “DIVA” in the PE office because I love dressing up. Looking good makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face.

Live Remarkable.