Sonia Meyer

Sonia Meyer

Good day, I’m Sonia Meyer and I am based at Pam Golding Properties in Nelspruit. I specialise in property sales in Nelspruit and the surrounding areas. I feel so blessed as I truly love the work I do. I sell homes and do take to heart what an important life changing decision it is. Selling or buying a house is an emotional decision. Moving to a new town, can be over whelming and I try to be as welcoming, and enthusiastic to make the move exiting as well as positive for the whole family. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can assist you with your property requirements.

What makes a good sales person, and property expert? In my opinion I consider knowing your market trends, product knowledge and people skills as well as being able to match a buyer to their dream home according to their specific needs makes a good sales and property expert. I love selling property and I have a passion for people. I find people interesting. First impression is an ever lasting impression and the first few minutes are crucial. Listening skills and looking at a person's body language understanding what the client’s expectations are.

Taking a client and their children to a home and seeing their faces light up is what I love about my work. I enjoy matching their needs and expectations. Working with the seller and being sensitive to their situation as well as making the sale as smooth and professional as possible is also very important. Every day offers new opportunities that differ from the next and every client also. So in our game there is never a dull moment. Combining sales and people skills and implementing knowledge about the town, schools, churches and shopping.

We as agents are sometimes the people’s first entrance into a town so we need to reassure them and guide them and support them. We are at times the last contact before people leave a town and we need to be sensitive to the emotional journey that a person is facing. I can honestly say I love my job and I can truthfully say it is a privilege to work with people. The most amazing feeling is to know that you are backed by a Pam Golding family that manages the websites and a big part of the marketing on your behalf leaving you more time for sales.

In my spare time I keep myself active by taking long walks in nature as I feel this puts everything into perspective. I am also part of the process of building a new home and this is a privilege as for a moment you are part of someone realising a lifelong dream of owning a new home and a responsibility I do not take up lightly. I love life and wake up positive and motivated to serve the community with my "ladies in action" group, we get together every Friday to clean the town up.

Live Remarkable.

“Fantastic service!”

Manes De Kok

“Sold us our dream home!”

Leanda Meyer

“Goes all out for her clients.”

Miss Natasha