Linda Tyong'Ik

Linda Tyong'Ik

“Laugh, love, and leave a legacy.”

Hello there, my name is Linda Jepkosgei Tyongík. A vibrant realtor with Pam Golding Properties. I’m the area specialist for Riverside Drive – Rentals. I’m a very versatile person having had a career in the Pharmaceutical industry for over a decade, delved into the Construction world and here I am now in Real Estate.


My journey into the realm of property began with a spark of curiosity and a heart full of ambition.  At Pam Golding Properties, I’m more than just a realtor- I am a visionary, weaving dreams into reality by connecting homeowners to tenants and vice versa in a very professional manner and unwavering commitment to excellence.  My role goes beyond mere transactions by bringing people together, fostering connections and building lifelong relationships.


In my free time, I cherish spending time with my family and friends alike. Catch me cheering my teens in their respective sports, I love dancing, hiking, travelling, reading novels and baking.


Connect with me at Pam Golding Properties Kenya and let’s turn your real estate dreams into reality!

Live Remarkable.