Jackie Ngigi

I am Jackie Ngigi

I am Thika Road & Kiambu Road
I am the captivating beauty in the rolling coffee plantations
I am the luxuriant greens at Windsor Country & Golf Club
I am the early morning rush of Thika Road, the beckoning allure of the sprawling malls
I am the enticing aroma of coffee from Java
I am the hustle and bustle of upcoming developments
I am the next residential and commercial hub.

I am Kiambu Road & Thika Road Agent, Jackie Ngigi

Hello! I am Jackie Ngigi, a property consultant specializing in rentals and property sales in greater Kiambu and Thika Road areas.

Born and bred in Kenya, I have lived and worked in the country most of my life with short stints abroad. My career background is in marketing, with more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector after undertaking a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Hospitality Management at the United States International University, Africa.

I started off as an intern in one of the leading personal care products manufacturing firms in Kenya. The allure of the fashion industry had me captivated for the next 10 years at which point I was the Marketing Manager in charge of the personal care business unit.

I desired a change hence I joined a software engineering firm as its Marketing Director. This was short-lived when I left Kenya after a year and upon my return established a fashion house.

My decision to join Pam Golding Properties was driven by my interest in real estate, which is fuelled by my love for art. You’ll often find me in my spare time browsing through numerous property portals and magazines, appreciating the beauty of architecture presented through the designs and landscaping. I also love to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures.

I am at home at Pam Golding as I get to experience all this, I get to witness lifelong relationships established, topped with the excitement and awe from our clients when that jigsaw piece finally fits and someone falls in love with the property they're selling, or when another client finally finds the home they so desperately sought for.

I love everything that revolves around art and you'll often find me checking out the latest fashion trends, emerging eateries in Nairobi, upcoming architectural marvels in Kenya and globally. Nature is of great interest to me and my perfect idea of unwinding is being in a quiet place, surrounded by nature reading a book and catching up on current affairs. 

Join me in this journey, let's explore properties together and appreciate their magnificence!