Bianca Nyamandu

I am Bianca Nyamandu

Sawubona, my name is Bianca Nyamandu and I joined Pam Golding Properties as the rental agent for Loresho, Kyuna and Surrounds. I was born in Zimbabwe and did my tertiary education in Pretoria, South Africa. I enjoy travelling, learning new cultures and trying different cuisine. I would consider myself a bibliophile because I’m always surrounded by the company of amazing books.

I’m a young girl taking advantage of a growing and thriving economy favourable to real estate developments and investments. My experience in marketing and rentals has allowed me to understand people’s needs. Being young in a cut throat industry in Sandton, Johannesburg, I learnt to be aggressive in marketing and also understanding the need of investing in Real Estate. Fulfilling my clients’ needs give me great joy and is a constant reminder why I love working in this industry.

While studying in South Africa I got to work for top marketing agencies in Sandton, there I learnt the art of communication. I not only want to find my client a good value for their shilling but I want to manage expectations as well. I believe in the importance of great communication skills in client relationships as this will help in bringing out aspects such as transparency, trust worthiness, empathy and hopefully a friendship.           

My ears are constantly on the ground looking and researching for new potential landscapes that are appealing and profitable investments for my clients. This allows me to always have my clients’ needs on my finger tips, giving the advantage of being first pick on any up and coming developments in the horizon. This puts my clients in a strategic position to be ahead of the curve.

The ultimate goal is to be my clients’ tool by assisting them in acquiring the property and investment of their dreams and that is by identifying the most viable, lucrative and financially appealing projects out there in this ever expanding industry.

Let’s get in touch and explore how I can facilitate your next property needs. Totsiens!