Joaquina Fernando

I am Joaquina Fernando

I am Joaquina Fernando and I have been working with Pam Golding Properties in Maputo, Mozambique since February 2018. I joined Pam Golding Properties as an administrative assistant, it is when I had the opportunity to go for in-house training in South Africa at the Hyde Park office that I fell in love with the brand. With my achievement of Rental Administrator of the Year in 2020, my passion and love for what we do at PGP grew. This is when I decided that I wanted more, as my ambitions grew bigger, I decided to be an agent.

I absolutely love what I do and am very proud to be a part of Pam Golding Properties. It is with this intention, focus, and enthusiasm that I look to fulfill my responsibility to my clients’. I am disciplined, dedicated, and determined in all that I do.

I love to meet new people and play a part in finding them a space that they truly love and adore. This job gives me the freedom to visit beautiful properties and at the same time still allows me to work at my own pace and get the job done.

I would have to say that success and job satisfaction would be what I enjoy most about working in the real estate industry. In my opinion, it is very important to maintain a high order of success, whether personally or professionally. Just knowing that people have found their dream home and are happy with their purchase gives me inner peace.

When I’m not giving superior service to my clients in the property department, you can find me on a road trip, travelling, dancing, singing, reading or watching a good movie.