Isa Cooper

I am Isa Cooper

I am Halfway Gardens and Vorna Valley.
I am the stepping stone for future generations.
I am a lifestyle choice for many.
I am exemplary schools shaping our future leaders.
I am a walking distance away from convenience.
I am a duet of customs from diverse communities.

I am Halfway Gardens and Vorna Valley Sectional Title Agent, Isa Cooper.

Hello, I am Isa Cooper and I have been a resident in Midrand for the past nine years. I specialise in property sales in Vorna Valley and Halfway gardens Sectional Title homes.

After being in the customer services industry prior, I decided it was time for me to combine my passion for real estate and making people happy by being an Agent for Pam Golding Properties.

I have excelled in jobs that I was not passionate about but needed, so I decided to put all that effort towards living my dream and that’s when I joined Pam Golding properties. I know that my tenacious attitude, love for people and my experience and dedication in customer service will be beneficial in all future property sales. For me the sky is only the view and I am excited about the future.

If I’m not working, I’m spending quality time with my family, doing what we love.  I am a hard working mother of two and a wife.

I am a performance driven individual, dedicated, professional, and I am always ready to learn and teach. Attention to detail.

I am constantly trying to improve myself.

I have found my home with Pam Golding Properties, let me help you find yours.