Sophie Mkhize

Sophie Mkhize

Hi, I’m Sophie Mkhize and I’ve been working for Pam Golding Properties since April 2017. I specialized with the sale of new developments, vacant land and all type of properties, in Middelburg under Mpumalanga Province, and I have sold more than 10 properties and more than 6 vacant lands.

Prior to joining Pam Golding Properties, I have been in the mining industry / environment for more than 13 year, where I was responsible for the procurement, supply chain and multiple contracts (which includes mining contract, supply and service contract, repair and maintenance contract). I joined Pam Golding Properties in April 2017. Currently I am an estate agent at Pam Golding Properties. I consider myself to be a great listener and a fast learner when it comes to listing the property and getting the best property for the buyer and also giving the seller the guidance regarding the market performance and value analysis and evaluation of the property that they want to sell, either a vacant land or property that both clients (buyer or seller) that they want to sell or buy.

The knowledge that I got from the mining environment which was from procurement, supply chain and multiple contracts management, which I did conclude on the behalf of the organization, this knowledge that I have acquired specific in the contracts area, it did a great contribution part for me, has I have been able to interpret all types of the contract agreement from the draft stage to the final signatories.

I have discovered that all the clients that have a specific demand to the properties, there is always a supply for the client’s requirements.

On my spare time I like reading, cooking and baking. I also like to spend time in the nature with family and friends.

Live Remarkable.

“I met Sophie Mkhize, a year ago and the time that she has spent in my business, I have seen her growing from strength to strength. I have seen her loyalty in my business and a humble person who has a desire to always learn and she would walk an extra mile for her clients, and she is indeed a valuable asset in my business.”

Louis Greef

“Sophie Mkhize she is a real goal getter, always on top of her work. She is a quick learner and very professional. I can recommend her for any work position, and I know she will be growing and contributing to any company.”

Sanet Lubbe

“Sophie Mkhize she is always a delight and great person, greeting with a warm smile. She is always energetic and positive and has a passion of getting to know her clients, she does fit in any organization / company.”

Roxanne Bekker

“Sophie Mkhize has a joyful persona and is forever smiling. Whenever she is present there is hard work and results, and she always leads a team to success.”

Mapule Zwane