Shannon O'Dea

I am Shannon O'Dea

Hi, I am Shannon O’Dea and I am part of Pam Golding Properties Knysna where I focus primarily on the Holiday and Short Term Letting.

Although I have only recently joined the Real Estate Industry, I believe that my experience in the Insurance Industry over the last 25 years has afforded me the necessary interpersonal skills to pave a successful career in property.

Knysna has been my home for the last 5 years and I am excited to be able to show our visitors the beauty this paradise has to offer - whether it be a manor on the coast, a cabin in the forest, or a villa on the fairway, I am confident the perfect property can be found.

Each day at Pam Golding is full of new possibilities and I really enjoy the opportunity of meeting with clients and landlords, and ‘matchmaking’ their individual needs within the Holiday Rental market. Relationships are built on trust – so when a landlord hands over to us their private property, it is vital that the correct tenant is placed. I believe this is a very personal bond between the landlord and the agent, which will always ensure their best interests are being considered. The right tenant completes this circle and will always return following exceptional service.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling the country roads around our holiday town, taking in the wonderful views and meeting the delightful array of people that make up our world-renowned Garden Route.