Nick Marr

I am Nick Marr

Hi from Nick. I was born and grew up in Knysna. So I know the area well and enjoy the beaches, forest, lagoon and heads. I enjoy a wide range of sports from golf, surfing, wakeboarding, fishing, cycling and kite surfing to name a few so Knysna is perfect for this and such a lovely place to start a young family.

Growing up in Knysna I attended Knysna Primary School and then completed my High SchooIing at Grey PE and Matriculated at York High School in George. After my gap year in Spain and the U.K I went to Stellenbosch University and completed a Commerce degree in Economics and business management. After my degree I spent a year in Cape Town working in sales for Mediterranean Delicacies food company and after that 10 years of yachting around the world where I achieved my Master 3000 Gross ton Captains ticket. In 2009 I cycled from Cairo to Cape Town and received a EFI medal for cycling every Inch of the 12000Km. In 2010/2011 I worked at Phinda game reserve In Kwazulu Natal as a game ranger under the&Beyond Group which was a wonderful experience. So together with my local knowledge and wordly experience I believe I can relate to a wide range of people and cultures from all walks of life. Im very keen to help people find exactly what they looking for according to there wants and needs. Im very active in the community and part ofNSRI station 12, The Knysna Golf Club, Knysna Yacht club and Knysna Squash Club. Im confident, easy going and know a wide range of people and continuously meeting new people which I believe can help with connecting the right buyers and sellers together. My motto is we regret more the things we didn’t do than the things we did.

“I found Nick to be a very helpful agent. He went to great lengths as he showed me the house first and then made a second trip to show my wife the house. He acted as the go between me and the seller as there were some issues that had to be sorted out while we occupied the house. I highly recommend him to any potential buyer or seller. ”

CS De Villiers

“What a pleasure it was to deal with Nick at Pam Golding. Very professional. Will buy again from him when I purchase my next property. ”

Jan Groen