Janelle Alford

I am Janelle Alford

I am Upper Highway
I am the trees towering tall over towns.
I am the park bench offering a peaceful pause in pace.
I am the indigenous flora in gardens galore.
I am the bushbuck parading at Everton Park.
I am the splendour of nature creating beauty abound.

I am Upper Highway Agent, Janelle Alford

HI, I’m Janelle and I’ve been selling property since January 2013. I specialise in sales of property in the Upper Highway.  I have a keen eye for a good buy and can best advise on how to present your property for sale.  Contact me at your convenience to add value to your purchasing/selling experience.

I am passionate about property and providing a professional service. I majored in Economics and Marketing in my BComm degree. Thereafter I focused on a career in banking culminating in being a Private Banker for RMB Private Bank, Focusing on high net worth individuals; I relished the opportunity to provide innovative financial solutions. In the midst of my banking career I was approached to sell luxury vehicles, Mercedes, Honda and Colt , due to my financial acumen. I loved it and spent 5 years talking torque. My vast banking experience was also cause for Varsity College to approach me to lecture Economics, specifically Macroeconomics.  This I also did for 5 years and enjoyed empowering the youth with this knowledge. A short stint in Conveyancing held me in good stead for property transfers. I bring to the table incredible knowledge and experience served with a smile and armed with determination.