Cathy Kelly

I am Cathy Kelly

I am Upper Highways
I am the best, thickest “Double Thick” at Roses Café
I am a journey back in time on the Inchanga train ride
I am the freedom of lead-free dog walks at Memorial Park.
I am the biodiverse conservation community of Msinsi Reserve.
I am the queen of the castle on Old Main.
I am nature in its most natural state.

I am Upper Highways Agent, Cathy Kelly.

Hi, I am Cathy Kelly. I joined Pam Golding Properties in 2011 initially only active in sales but when the opportunity arose in 2016 to become more involved in the rental side of the business, I jumped at it. I continue to do both sales and rentals which does mean there is never a quiet moment but that’s the way I like it.

I am a qualified Full Status Estate Agent with my Professional Practitioner in Real Estate (PPRE) qualification and each year, since its inception in the Industry, I have undertaken the Continuing Professional Development Training (CPD). This means I am continually striving to increase my knowledge and keep abreast of any changes in the whole home selling/buying/renting process. Knowledge of the product and process is one of the most important and empowering aspects of our profession and one that instils confidence in my abilities. 

I pride myself on my attention to detail, rigorous record keeping and extensive knowledge of my product. Colleagues frequently “pick my brain” as it is fairly certain I will remember all details pertaining to a property they are trying to locate.

My Psychology background makes me a relationship based, people orientated agent which has led to a number of referrals and repeat business. I have also been Sales Agent of the Month on numerous occasions and more than once been both Sales and Rental Agent of the month. I have also been the recipient of an Ooba bond originators award for rand value bond applications. Being a “people”  person the delight of a new family moving into their new home, be it a sale or rental, is something very special to me, along with the joy and satisfaction the seller/landlord feels at the end of the transaction. Buying/selling a home is exceptionally stressful and filled with emotions so an organised, informed, efficient partner in the process is essential – I like to believe I fit that role.

Born and bred in the then Rhodesia I was Blessed to have parents that were in a position to send me to the University of Cape Town. I spent four fabulous years in that beautiful city where I completed a Bachelor of Social Science Degree majoring in Psychology and Geography, followed by a Higher Diploma in Education. I left with a Post Graduate qualification and the title of Teacher Psychologist however I soon realised that being in the front of a classroom of high school children was not my forte. So although I have never pursued that career directly, the experiences and lessons learnt in the field of Psychology have definitely given me an advantage when interacting with people and understanding human nature. I know I can add value to your real estate transaction!

Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.


“Thank you for all your help in finding such lovely people.”

“Thank you for making this entire transaction the painless journey it has been. If I could have done every property deal I’ve done in the last 20 years with you, I’d probably not have lost as much hair I have! I look forward to meeting to you in person in the near future.”

“Thank you very much Cathy; your professionalism is sterling and beyond the call of duty.”

“Thanks so much for all your help really appreciate it… I also have a bottle of wine with your name on it. Thank you so much for making it all possible.”