Hello, I’m Mercy Ndau and I’ve been working with Pam Golding since September 2019. I specialize in rentals in Karen and Langata areas.

I was born and raised in Kenya, I had my primary and secondary education in Nairobi and got to pursue my degree in Management at the Catholic University, an international private university in Karen. Shortly after, I flew out and finished my degree in Lille France where I got to spend two years learning about the French culture and travelling around Europe

I had my first job as a social media marketer which was a fun and eye-opening experience. I got to meet several marketing authors.

When I finished my course, I came back to Kenya and started working at Pam Golding Properties.

It has  been a few years since I started this journey and  I have  come to learn that real estate is a mental commitment. Real Estate forces you to keep moving and to stay up-to-date on the housing market trends.

Real estate also requires you to be understanding and to be at peace with yourself because it transcends to your clients.

When I'm not connecting my clients with the right property, you'll find me in a live theatre, or I might just be travelling, swimming or simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty of quiet places and the peace that comes with it.

Are you looking for a rental in Karen? Get in touch with me today! I do more than just get you a good house, I help you find the perfect home!


Live Remarkable.

Rise up this matter is in your hands ,so take courage and do it