Indira Vala

I am Indira Vala

I am Lenasia
I am the diverse cultures and traditions of Lenasia.
I am the exotic aromatic spices filling the air.
I am the vibrant surrounds of colours and architecture.
I am the strong community of friends and family.
I am the melodic sounds filling the eastern and western worlds.

I am Lenasia agent, Indira Vala.

My name is Indira Vala. I am Pam Golding Lenasia. I have been a sales agent for about 5 years and love working in the real estate industry. I was born and raised my entire life in Lenasia. Lenasia for me was and will continue to be a place of unity where different cultures and religions meet. People support each other during good and bad times and are always supportive towards their communities. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you with your property requirements.

I attended and matriculated at Topaz Secondary High School. I participated in sports and Indian dancing as a child. I furthered my studies in Beauty Therapy and accounting fields. I worked as a Merchandise Manager for 22 years however, my true passion is sales in the real estate market. When asked who I am, my response is always a beloved daughter to two amazing people who left this earth too soon.

I am a blessed mother of two sons who brings me joy and happiness and are my greatest teachers. Last but not least I am married to an amazingly strong man who is extraordinarily   humble. I am lucky in so many ways because I love my extended family and for these reasons I feel strong and confident and as a result I am able to achieve anything life has to offer. I enjoy socialising and entertaining friends and family. I also love travelling and reading. 

I don’t sell houses, I sell homes. Selling homes to me it not just a career or a job. I introduce families to their new homes. A home is a place of love, peace and security. It is also an opportunity for me to meet new people and make new friends for life. I strive to be professional and treat my clients with the respect they deserve. Each client is unique and I do try to ensure that they are happy with my service at all times. I am passionate about service delivery, honesty and integrity and therefore I am the person to assist you when buying or selling your precious asset.