Kayte Denham

Kayte Denham

Hi, I am Kayte Denham and I've been working with Pam Golding Properties for over a decade.

Being a property practitioner requires a balanced mixture of romance (the possibilities of a property) and realism (the pragmatism required to value and negotiate).

I specialise in apartments and townhouses in the Killarney, Riviera and Saxonwold areas primarily, but also work in Forest Town and Westcliff, where some developments are finding space. In addition, I am also active in Rosebank, where there has been a very quick development of many high-rise apartment blocks for the newly chic and shining to rent, and if earning well, to purchase. Alongside these contemporary spaces, some wonderful older, smaller buildings that have resisted the temptation to sell, retain space and offer the a taste of another time, when life was perhaps slower and sweeter.

I have a great love for Killarney and the small, adjacent suburb of Riviera. Killarney was a dream imagined by its father and founder, Ira Schlesinger, over a century ago.  Schlesinger was a New Yorker who envisaged a 'Mini Manhattan' where the farm he bought (Cooks Farm) stood.

He invited his wealthy friends and associates to join him in this vision and venture and they did.  Today we have a suburb that encourages a hugely diverse community of people and pets to live together in close proximity, to share space and plan together, to support each other and welcome new members.

Designed up to a century ago, some of these apartments are often expansive and impressive, with wonderful volume, rooms with proportion - and that last measure of real comfort; wasted space.

I suspect that when the Northern Suburbs has been developed to it's capacity with new buildings, Killarney (which has been at capacity for decades) will become exponentially valuable for its generous and people-centred homes and gorgeously designed, built and maintained buildings. 

Most of the newer residents are young professionals, who appreciate the value and the history of the suburb as well as the lifestyle the apartments provide.  Killarney and Riviera attract people from banking to fine art backgrounds;  creatives with design in mind and those that need safety, security and a walk to the shops...big space, great light and an environment that nurtures growth.

I like to think of it as a modern village, and part of the charm of the area is getting to know those that have made it their home.  These include grannies in the park, young couples who walk, run or bike, and the security guards who protect our communities and know everyone's name.

I started my working life as a nursing sister, caring for the newly-born and the elderly both in Johannesburg and in Sydney, but returned to art for a while, and even worked in the Killarney Mall at an art and framing business, supplying the whole area with contemporary art and framing services. 

After nursing I enjoyed training and working in a variety of industries as well as running my own business. I trained and worked as a recruitment consultant and then gained further experience in communication and event-management with a wonderful company that I still miss. I joined a corporate and worked as a selector and purchaser of books, and then magazines, which was great training for the analylsis I now do. All of my previous training is brought to bear in this incredible niche I now inhabit, and there is never a day when I don't learn something new - about real estate, about people, about space and about life.

I am a proud member of Pam Golding’s Gold Club Elite and in 2012, I received the Pam Golding ‘Cutting Edge Achievement Award”.

I have achieved excellent prices for both opulent penthouses and for simple studio apartments. I love the unusual, the remarkable and the rare properties I am entrusted with, they provoke a level of excitement and pleasure that means I love introducing them to potential purchasers. 

Working in this industry fully extends my abilities on a personal, practical and communicative level. I enjoy building relationships and working with people so that they can obtain a genuinely satisfying domestic space, or, achieve the appropriate value for a home they have loved and cherished.

My favourite place is my garden where I am surrounded by natural growth and beauty. I enjoy sharing my property knowledge and it doesn’t always have to business: if you need advice or guidance, feel free to ask. 

Live Remarkable.

I love working with people and sharing the satisfaction of finding them their dream home!