Kayte Denham
GoldClub 5 Year Elite Agent
Gold Club
GoldClub status and induction into the ‘Hall of Remarkable’ is awarded to an Agent who has achieved exceptional sales targets and delivered service excellence in line with the Pam Golding Properties brand promise.

Kayte Denham

Hi, I am Kayte Denham, I have been working with Pam Golding Properties for the past 10 years.

I specialise in apartments in the Killarney, Houghton, Illovo and Saxonwold areas. I have great faith in my areas and I am convinced that the older apartments are the ideal homes of the future. Most of my buyers are young professionals who are moving into the large apartments in the classic, sturdy buildings. These spacious apartments provide creative young people with the opportunity to mould and shape their home into an ideal living environment, in a secure and well-maintained apartment block. Illovo and Killarney particularly have some of the qualities of a small village; the Killarney Mall is almost the ‘village main street’ and part of the charm of these areas is getting to know the inhabitants: the grannies in the park, the young couples who go jogging and the good-natured (and invaluable) security guards who protect our communities.

Before coming into the real estate industry, I started as a nurse, caring for the newly-born.  After that, I worked in the retail industry for a large corporate. I gained further experience as an event-management and then went on to work in the personnel industry. All of these working environments proved to be excellent training grounds for my future career in real estate.

I am a proud member of Pam Golding’s prestigious Gold Club and in 2012, I received the Pam Golding ‘Cutting Edge Achievement Award”, in addition, last year, I was awarded the Pam Golding cup for the ‘Highest Number of Sales’.

I have achieved excellent prices for both opulent penthouses and for simple studio apartments. I sell most of my stock within the first six weeks of it going on the market. I do also, however, persevere with those exceptional or unusual units which for one or other reason take longer to sell.

I love being an estate agent because it fully extends my abilities on a personal, practical and communicative level. I enjoy building relationships and working with people so that they can obtain a genuinely satisfying domestic space or, achieve the appropriate value for a home they have loved and cherished. Being an agent requires a satisfying mixture of romance (the possibilities of a property) and reality (the pragmatism required to value and negotiate); for me, it’s an ideal balance and I find being an agent both stimulating and challenging. 

In my free time I take an interest in health, nutrition and attaining spiritual clarity through meditation and alternative therapy. My favourite place is my garden where I am surrounded by natural growth and beauty. I enjoy sharing my property knowledge and it doesn’t always have to business: if you need advice or guidance, feel free to ask. 

Live Remarkable.

I love working with people and sharing the satisfaction of finding them their dream home!