Zeena Austin


Gold Club

Awarded to a select group of agents for exceptional property sales whilst exhibiting the highest level of professionalism and service excellence.

I am Zeena Austin

I am Grahamstown
I am the ‘City of Saints’
I am the courage from Makana’s Kop
I am the culture of the National Art’s Festival
I am the sound of Church Bells on High Street
I am the serene atmosphere of the Botanical Gardens

I am Grahamstown Rental Agent, Zeena Austin.

Hi, I’m Zeena Austin and I have been working with Pam Golding Properties in Grahamstown since April 2017. I specialise in rentals in the general Grahamstown area. Should you have any enquiries about Rentals please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

I have recently begun my career in the real estate industry. Born and raised in Grahamstown, I have a good knowledge of the local residents and businesses. I attended Mary Water High School. I am currently an intern Rental Agent at Pam Golding Properties and I look forward to commencing my career in the real estate industry. I enjoy working with people, and the real estate industry supplies this in abundance. What appeals to me most about working as a rental agent is the diverse nature of the job and always being busy, creating smiles.

I started my working career in the Service industry at a local motor dealership in 2010 where I obtained my masters in the Motor Industry. I moved to East London in 2012 where I worked in a more excessively detailed environment gaining more customer relation experience.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, exploring our historic town. Being a young mother I enjoy spending quality time with my two year old son going to the botanical gardens for a Sunday afternoon stroll or simply enjoying his favourite television show with him.