Colleen Rippon

Colleen Rippon

May I introduce myself.   My name is Colleen Rippon

It was way back on 1993 that my sister Sylvia Birell and I were approached by Pam Golding Properties to open one of the first Pam Golding Properties Franchisees. It didn’t take a lot of persuasion, as we had both known the Golding family for a number of years, and so began an incredible journey with them. It became a family business with us as well as our brother Bill Fowlds joined us to be the farm agent. We had a very happy association with Pam Golding Properties for the next 15 years until we sold.

I then went on to open a gift and décor shop in Grahamstown, and so enjoyed that as I love meeting people and making connections. I love art, colour,  fabrics, paints  and in my spare time I simply love to create, clothing, furnishings, furniture, whatever comes to mind.  But once I stopped “shop keeping”,  I decided after a while, that  I was missing people!  And so it was then that I decided to come back to Pam Golding if they would have me, and what a wonderfully warm welcome I received!   I am happy to be back “home”!

I grew up on a farm, and so learned to speak isiXhosa as a child, and this has been a great  bonus for me.  For this reason, I feel that I have an extra string to my bow, and am enjoying being involved with a cross section of our society in Grahamstown.  I have lived here since the 1960’s and have a real feel for and love for this fascinating little city. I think I am well equipped to help newcomers feel at home and am able to tell some interesting stories about the houses and their history as well as the history of the city. I simply love the beautiful old buildings which line the streets, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to see them being lovingly restored to their former glory.  I love the young people of this city which give it its heart beat, and feel so proud to belong in a place which has nurtured and taught hundreds and thousands of young people and sent them out literally,  in to the world to make a difference.

I know what a home means to a person, and I hope that I can in some way contribute to them finding their happy place, their home, and making that journey for them a pleasant and exciting one.

Live Remarkable.

For me, the Pam Golding Way is the only way!