Riefqah Jacobs

I am Riefqah Jacobs

I am Athlone
I am home to the people’s stadium.
I am the best gatsby in Cape Town.
I am open-air concerts at Nantes.
I am the heart of the incredible Cape Flats.
I am a sea of bight roofs.

I am Athlone Agent, Riefqah Jacobs.

Hi, I am Riefqah Jacobs and I have been with Pam Golding Properties since 2010. I started out selling residential properties in the Cape Flats and relocated to Athlone and southern suburbs.

I have been in property sales since 2006 and got my foot in the industry while completing my BA degree in Business. I moved to Pam Golding Properties in 2010 where I'm currently a principal and head up a team of more than ten agents within the Athlone area.

My ability to address and settle issues as they arise is what makes me a brilliant estate agent. When concluding a transaction, I also strive to keep all parties involved happy. So, ultimately, if that buyer wants to resell in the future - I ensure that I’m the estate agent they contact. The same applies to the clients that sell their homes with me, as these are the customers that generate referrals. 

My tenacity and persevering nature has kept me in the industry through all phases of its cycle.