Heinrich Davids

I am Heinrich Davids

I am Athlone
I am the community where everyone knows each other.
I am the sweet harmonies of the choral choir.
I am the soccer field where talent is nurtured.
I am the hosting stadium for the Cape Minstrel Carnival.
I am the close-knit houses of Athlone.

I am Athlone agent, Heinrich Davids.

Hello, I am Heinrich, I am your property consultant for Pam Golding Properties. I specialise in residential property sales in Bridgetown, Kewtown, Silvertown and Parktown.

Having lived in numerous areas in my adulthood, it brings me great pleasure to return to the community in which I grew up in as a child. It is as if I have never left! I take great pride in assisting clients with their property purchasing decision. Knowing the local property market and insight into the community gives me the upper hand in equipping my clients with valuable information.

I am hard working and committed to helping my clients achieve the results they are looking for. My philosophy is simply stated “I love helping people realize their dreams”. Through my career I have built on my experience from junior positions to running regional offices. I strive to continuously enhance my expertise.

I am an honourable man, and consider each and every person as valuable as the next. I will hold your hand until you are ready to go it on your own.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your property requirements.

I love helping people realize their dreams