Rowan Anderson

I am Rowan Anderson

I am Douglasdale
I am the original farm on the Klein Jukskei River.
I am the electric lightening rod skyline.
I am the craft project from the village art shop.
I am the sundowner enjoying a stunning view.
I am the satisfied sweet tooth from Smooch.

I am Douglasdale Sectional Title Agent, Rowan Anderson.

Hello, I am Rowan Anderson and I am a Pam Golding Properties Intern Agent. I currently service the Douglasdale area, specifically sectional titles.

I grew up in Constantia Kloof in Roodepoort, where I attended Victory House Private School, during my school years I attended scouts with the 1st discovery scout group, where my love for the outdoors was born, along with a side hobby of first aid.

After high school I took a gap year during which time I worked for a book store, from there I began assisting with show days on Sundays for a Pam Golding Properties agent, it wasn’t long after that I was offered a job by the agent to be her assistant and intern.

After working with her for a year I was given the opportunity to become an agent, working in the area of Douglasdale focusing on sectional titles. With a fantastic partner and a great company behind me, I have thrived in my chosen career and am loving every moment.

I believe that there is a lid for every pot, and so a person for every home. There is nothing better than a happy client. I consider myself a very professional, ambitious, social, eager to learn, proud of my work, and deal-closing type of individual. With all that wrapped up in my enthusiasm for the industry, I am proud to provide my clients with an exclusive property experience.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your property needs.