Mel Jacobs

I am Mel Jacobs


Hello, I am Mel Jacobs, and I have the privilege of working as an intern property consultant with the Centurion Pam Golding Properties team.

I specialise in the charming Midstream Estate, including Proper, Meadows, Ridge, Midlands, Midfield, Retire & Ascend and I’m extremely excited to be part of such a dynamic real estate company.

People-loving, hard-working and ambitious, I began my working life as a physiotherapist, but have spent the last five years putting these attributes to work turning real estate dreams into reality.

Building solid, lasting relationships with home owners through the sales process and with buyers in assisting them to find what they’re looking for, is where I get the most satisfaction from my job.

I am a very proud wife, mother and grandmother and love spending time with my family in the outdoors. I’m also a fan of home improvement and other real-estate-related TV programmes as well as crime and investigation series.

I would be delighted to assist with your property requirements. Please get in touch to arrange a time best suited to you.