Lee-Ann Pillay

I am Lee-Ann Pillay

I am Lee-Ann Pillay

I have a fun loving and vibrant personality. I love meeting new people and am very active with our Blue Valley community. In my spare time I enjoy reading, sewing and running. 

I am currently an intern and busy with my EAAB log book. I am working with Liesl who has been working in Blue Valley for 14 years, I believe with her experience and my fresh training we will make a dynamic team. Living in Blue Valley I will not only be selling your home but finding neighbours for myself. I live the essence of estate living and am passionate about our community. 

Before embarking on this journey I ran my own social media company and dabbed a bit in digital design. I am looking forward to this new chapter of my career and know that this is where I belong. 

“Liesl and Lee-Ann are amazing in identifying what you need. They are professional and very supportive even after one moves in. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a property to either buy or rent in Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate.”

Valerie Kushata